The Standard Process Cleanse

Continuing my “beginning of the year cleansing extravaganza” began this year with a tone setting, 21 day adventure with Standard Process.  This company boasts about having some of the most pure nutrients available on the planet, so I decided to give them a run for it.  The first few days (10 days) of the cleanse amounts to taking 10 gel caps, 3 times per day, drinking copious amounts of water throughout the day, and eating only organic produce, with a 4:1 ratio of vegetables to fruit.  No meat is permissable, and it makes sense why. The 30 pills (root powder nutrients) are assisting the gut in cleaning out at a microscopic level.  Meat requires so much energy from the gut to digest that often times what we eat along with meat, when we are eating it, doesn’t absorb at all. So 10 days of no meat allows the gut a substantial amount of time to clean out without the hinderances that would otherwise exsist.  It can be a little intense, and, it sure beats the master cleanse where I didn’t eat anything at all for 21 days. Also, I found that after 10 days of eating only raw foods (along with the Standard Process nutrients provided) I began to decifer flavors of vegetables, and I liked them.  Before this cleanse I did not care for olives. I now love olives!  Funny, huh?  Days 11-21 backed down in the amount of food-fortified vegetable gel caps, going from 30 per day to only 21 per day.  It honestly became such an instinctive rythym that it didn’t bother me after about 10 days.  I was also able to eat white meats (chicken and fish) again by day 11.  I followed this regimen until the end of the cleanse, and to the greater extent, I am continuing to follow this regimen still.  It works!  Going out to eat is fun, and, it’s not that healthy.  I realize how hard it is to want to cook after having worked a full day, and, it’s what I deserve.  It makes a huge difference.  I feel happy when I get up. I no longer have the moodiness that came with sugar, salt, grease and caffeine addiction. I drink copious amounts of water, every day.  I am cooking enough each night when I prepare dinner to place leftovers into a container for my lunch for the next day.

I am continuing this cycle every day.

So the Standard Process Cleanse is definitely the one that I would recommend to everyone. It wasn’t that hard (whatever worth having didn’t come with a bit of intensity?), it is highly fortified, and, unlike dieting where short term changes are often made, with this cleanse a resetting of patterning and food craving occurs, and long-term changes can happen, and do.

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